Sunday, October 23, 2011

MBBS Mode - Mega Rob off - Swath still Mega Robs

With the addition of the turn Mega Rob off in MBBS mode toggle, Swath could use a new setting to match.  I discovered that in my own game, I like to play pre-Mega Rob bug games and prefer MBBS mode.

So, I'm playing solo red.  Swath does recognize MBBS rob/steal settings but if a port has more than 3M, rather that rob 21%, it goes for the mega rob.  Which will result in a bust every time.

So, just be aware, if you do play in MBBS mode with mega rob off, you will have to manually calculate your robs until you get the port down under 3M then you'll be able to use Swath again to complete the robs.

I have sent Stein an e-mail asking for this one adjustment in Swath.

Upgraded to 2.12 - 10/23/11

You can view the change-logs at

As always, please report any bugs you may encounter.

Happy Trading!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Equilibrium to open 10/22 - 7pm EST

Equilibrium is an original edit created by Mongoose.  The menus are up, we are working on making his game description file into ascii with the title banner the way he wants to desplay it, but everything else looks good now.

Should anyone else like to guest game-op, please contact me at

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Upgrade to 2.11

The files have been examined, and we don't know what caused the server to lock up before. 

So, I installed 2.11 yesterday afternoon and all seems fine.  Please report any bugs you find to John Pritchett

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rolled back to 2.10

Don't know what happened yet, but no one was able to enter the game today.  2.11 must need a bit more work. 

Sorry about the down time, next time I upgrade I'll check it before I leave for work or wait til I get home.

Thanks for the fast report Kilson!

Updated to 2.11 today

Let us know if you find anything unusal, report to

I'm also going to request that everyone who may be interested in playing or returning to the game some time this winter, just log on to game P and say "Hey!"

You  don't have to play right now, just log in under your most "known" gaming handle and let everyone know you may want to return now that the game has some settings that make it more like what we used to play in the '90's.

telnet to port 23