Sunday, November 11, 2012

Game G resets 11/16

Classic near stock game.

10k sectors
1250 turns

Beefie Ferrengal!

Comet and his corp are the first to capture Ferrengal on my server. And it was just about as tough as I could have made a Gold planet. AND they did it with only 1k turns per day, near stock settings and Mega Rob turned off.
It took them less than 140 days. 

Good Job Guys!


Corp – What Corp ?
WHOMP aka Comet
no game aka Farnsworth

Saturday, November 10, 2012

EIS Invitational

There's talk of maybe this season's first tournament on the EIS forum.

We may have enough regular players now on this server.  Is anyone willing to come together to play representing this server?

Let me know, and I'll "sponsor" a team, and if you have room, I may even play with you.  :)