Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Resetting Game A

I did give the aliens too many figs to start off with.  I'm going to tame them down a bit, and reopen this Friday.


May not open Friday, after big bang I cannot get the alien planets to create again... sorry.  will keep working on this.


Alien Retribution is now up and running!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Games D, F & S to reset Friday 1/16

Game D - Classic 5k, 800 turns, ports at 50% for those who like their games slow.

Game F - for the Farmers, 20k sectors, 1500 turns NO Photos!

Game S - Solo Classic 5k sectors, 750 turns, 2 day turn bank.  For those who want the single line BBS experience!

I'm also considering creating a Multi-Gold Alien race game for those of you who enjoy playing capture the planet from Aliens.


Game A - Alien Retribution - 20k sectors, 2500 turns, and 8 Alien Races!  Please let me know if they are too aggressive.  Opens right now 12/11.