Saturday, August 5, 2017

If you still have trouble connecting...

If the domain name isn't working, try using my IP address: still port 2002

Cruncher's TWGS Grand Re-Opening!

Big thank you again to Star Killer for his generosity and to Micro for his network sills!

The server is online!  Micro helped me with a few of the Win10 settings and it's all good.  I'm going to move the games over now, Game C will will be restored from the saved game file.  All other games will be reset.  

Server will be open for gaming at 8 PM est tonight!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

SK saves the day! New server is here!

Star Killer is very generous and purchased a refurb'd Dell for me to run the TWGS on.  I've been uninstalling unnecessary stuff, updates and restarts.  Tomorrow I'll install TWGS and do some testing.  Plan on opening all games this Saturday 8 pm est.

This new machine is so nice and quiet!