Monday, July 4, 2011

Rule #2

I've had a couple of people ask me about rule #2.  For new players or older returning players who are not familiar with the way heavy script players play, I'd like to explain.

When I first came back after a 8 year leave, there basically weren't many time limit games.  Most games have players logged on 24/7 running AFK attack or defensive scripts.  I was told by today's players that those who use scripts to monitor the game from the menu via the High Score list totally dominate the time limit games as well because their scripts monitor the game activity via scores, corp changes, ship changes and alert them with an audible sound to come to the keys and play the game.  Organized teams can monitor the game 24/7 using players in different time zones.  There "was" no way to stop this behavior.

Today's updated Trade Wars allow sysops to limit the refresh of the High Score list from outside the game.  We can limit it to once, twice or 24 times daily.  The "intended" function of the Menu High Score list is to give players an idea of the game in progress and not to serve as a real-time monitoring portal available to only those few who have the scripts capable of doing this.

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