Monday, August 1, 2011

We're LIVE!

Oh how exciting!  Thanks to MicroBlaster for lending a hand and fixing my IP addresses in the router, we're LIVE!  port 23

Right now we have just the Lobby open.  This is to come and visit, try some of the newer settings, and I do want feedback!  Once we get things the way we like them, then I'll open some games to play for real.

In the mean time, come on in and sit a spell, run some turns.  You won't soon run out with 6 hour time limit and 5k turns daily (no turn banks).

Emulation is set at 56k Modem input, 1Mps output
Planets move slower than ships!  Imagine that!  :)
Photons are on, 10 seconds with a 1k ms delay - that can be increased.

Most everything else is stock MBBS with mega rob turned off.
Ferrengi have a fully loaded H, so be careful!

As long as this "feels" good to everyone, this will be the basis for the rest of the games here.  I do plan on varying universes, turns, time, and Gold edits.

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