Monday, September 5, 2011

Lobby Game is delay setting template for all games

These are the settings from the game menu:

Game type        : Open                 Game time           : 01:48:05 PM
Time per day     : 360 Min              Turns per day       : 5000
Planetary Trade %: 100%                 Steal from BUY port : Yes
Initial fighters : 2500                 Clear Busts Every   : 1 Days
Initial credits  : 300                  Last Bust Clear     : Today
Initial holds    : 20                   Multiple Photon fire: No
Sectors in game  : 5000                 Display StarDock    : Yes
Start with planet: Yes                  Classic Ferrengi    : Yes
Production Rate  : 50% / Day            Max Regen per Visit : 100%
High Scores Mode : At EXTERN            Startup Log Delay   : 1 hour
Tournament Mode  : Off                  Invincible Ferrengal: Yes


Ship Attack/Move : Constant (250 ms)    Planet Move    : Constant (5 s)
Other Attack     : None                 Rob/Steal      : Constant (2 s)
Photon Launch    : None                 Photon Blast   : Constant (1 s)
Ship IG          : None                 Planetary IG   : None
Dock/Depart      : None                 Land/Takeoff   : None
Drop/Take Mines  : None                 Drop/Take Figs : None
Planet Transport : None                 Ship Transport : None
EtherProbe Move  : None                 GenTorp Launch : None

IO Emulation

Input Bandwidth  : 56K modem
Output Bandwidth : 1 Mps Broadband
Latency          : 150 ms                

Planets take a full 5 seconds to move!  Planets in the Lobby game will level up to L5 in one day so you can give this a try, let me know how it feels to you.  

Photons give you a warning a full second before you loose your turns - time to get out of the way!  

Input emulation is 56k Modem - faster than (most) people can type, and we're hoping this slows burst macros.  (AFK Trigger Scripts)  Output is 1Mps - the fastest setting available.  Ships are locked into a delay of 250ms - you'll barely notice any delay here at all.

So these games will have ships that move faster than planets!  Imagine that concept!  :)  Low turn and time limits, blocks on viewing in-game activity from the game menu.  


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