Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Annual Cabin Fever Tournament - Begins Feb 2012!

This tournament will be for new and returning players.  I'll have nearly the same delay settings as I have on the rest of my games, to encourge players at the keys, and discourage heavy aggressive script users.

As always, all scripts will be possible, some of the delays will take the edge off the most deadly of them.

Settings will be as close to Classic BOTE as we can remember.  As with the rest of my games it will be set to MBBS battle mode with Mega Rob off.  Afterall, during the first BOTE in '98 Mega Rob was not public knowledge.

This will be a turn and time limit game as well with Tournament mode on, death limit to be determined, probably 8 - 10.

Teams of up to 6 players are welcome!  You've got over two months to plan and practice, time to knock the rust off your old TW skills!

Stay tuned for details!

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