Monday, April 2, 2012

Upgrading Hardware - Completed

Later this evening (4/2/12) I'll be taking the sever down for some upgrades.

We should not be off-line for too long, sorry about any inconveniences.

Up and running on a new Gigabit Router.  :)

Enjoy!  Let me know if you notice a difference at all.


  1. Cruncher...this is Orion. I need to chat with you asap, but I can't find an email link. I'll try the tw2002 server..

    1. All is up and running now. My son was remoting in to update the virus scanner, and look at my router settings.

      He changed a setting without checking the forwarding IP for the game. Sorry about that.

      I think that should be it for upgrades for a while now. I'm happy with the new router, the browsers load much faster now too.

  2. I also added my e-mail link -