Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Single Player Edit - Opens 1/4/13

Classic 5k universe, 750 turns, 2 day turn bank and 2 hour daily limit.

Only one player is allowed in the game at a time, just like the old single-line bbs days!


  1. Yeah, and now that we have the flash client, you don't even need to setup a telnet client, which for some can be daunting. So, you get to play the game manually, without interference from script players. Everyone is limited to the same number of turns and time limits.


  2. answered my own question.....damn now i need to remember how to pull up CIM and also look for old copy of twassist :)

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  4. You can use Swath, Zoc, TWX Proxy AND twassist since this is a 5k universe. Or you can play manually. Whatever method you prefer, it's a 2 hour time limit game and single player so you'll have the whole place to yourself for that time.

    The ZOC command to pull a CIM is:

    call zocsend ("C")
    call zocsend ("ÈÉÊËÌÍ")
    call zocsend ("R")

    Kavanaugh gave that to me, he still uses twassist.