Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Fever 2013

And man, we need the Spring to warm up! But as we wait to defrost...

This is the Cabin Fever, non-tournament mode, with Ferrengi turned on.

This is an original edit with Gold ships and planets. The base of these edits are the 1998 BOTE, updated with gold edits, the citadels upgrade twice as fast as a stock game, most planets have a gold edit. All of the stock ships are available along with gold ships (be sure to type + to see the ships available).

10k universe, 1200 turns, 2 member corps, and 6 hour time limit.
There are NO movement delays in this game. 
High scores and logs are on delay, you must login to access this information.
The game closes from 10:55 pm til 11:05 pm for extern, and everyone gets towed.
Inactive players delete after 7 days.

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